The all Swedish alternative to low cost countries

narbild1_hyssHyss AB contract manufactures injection moulded plastic parts with one or multiple plastic components (true 2K) at attractive prices. With custom patented tool systems, the company also manufactures 2K tools in steel at half the price of competitors, and common production tools at low cost country prices. Everything is made in Sweden using high quality materials and state of the art equipment. With new ideas and flexible solutions, in combination with experienced and knowledgeable staff, the company has both the grace of novelty, and the weight of tradition.

Innovation technology

inspektion_hyssHyss AB always works with the latest in technology, and constantly develops better and more efficient methods, for lower price and higher quality. The intention is to be in the forefront of development. All is made to increase the competiveness of our customers, both regarding price and quality.


The lodestar of the operation is providing the customers with the best possible quality at the proper price. Deliveries shall be made at the agreed time with the expected quality. The activities are carried out according to ISO 9002.